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Hello, I am Sebastian aka cadadas.
I am a freelance motion designer and music producer from Hamburg.

Click here to find out how I look without sunglasses. :)


I filmed, directed and edited Stubenhacker’s latest hack: DIE ORSONS feat. MINE. Graphics by me, too, but that is just an adaption of the ORSONS original CI …

And yes, I did the remixing of the Track as well.

Camouflage: shine – new video directed by cadadas

Check out Camouflage’s new video SHINE. Directed and edited by me. Camera by Tara Wolff, Lighting by Fredman. Location: Tara’s Studio, Kampnagel and my car.

smart: rise of the cityflame – music and sound design

Check out my captain future style retro electro sound I made for this smart web special with bbdo/proximity berlin.

showreel 2013: music & sound design

Here’s a collection of my favourite music and sound design jobs I did last year.
Turn it up!

showreel: motion design 2013

I did some fun motion design jobs last year: here’s my new showreel. I produced the music for this reel as well.

BRAIN ATTACK – TV SHOW Opening Titles, Music and Motion Graphics

Music, Design and Animation for german TV show “BRAIN ATTACK”
Client: zdf_neo
Film production: Elb Motion Pictures
Design & Animation: cadadas
Music: cadadas & Alex Blancke

Inklusion – music for “aktion mensch”

A little guitar playing and whistling makes everybody feel good!

We did this project together in our DACH//GESCHOSS:
Maren Kaschner – Illustration
Kay Tennemann aka Mostyle – Direction & Animation
Matthias Mach aka freibuero – Camera
Sebastian Stuertz aka cadadas – Music

9 minutes 3D info graphics for SIEMENS’ Life Science Industry branch

Last year I did four quite long animated movies in Cinema 4D for Siemens’ life science industry branch.
I developed the look and did all the animation and most of the modelling.

This is one of them. It’s about the software SIPAT – very special interest!

Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects
Agency: Studio 53|30

music showreel 2012

Here is some of the music I produced last year, mixed with some material of my private cyborg STUBENHACKER and a few older tunes.
Thanks to everybody who worked with me!

1998: gerd the mouse

I just found some animated gifs from 1998.
GERD THE MOUSE was one of the many projects we had big plans for.
My friend Stephan programmed the game engine in director … *LOL*




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